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Here at CMCC, transpires the day to day struggle:

            For life…

            For one’s dream…

            For a special niche…

            In one’s heart… to give aid to the needy ones.

This place holds also the incessant studies for one’s endless dreams… for here, one sees barefoot children, their eager cries, clinging to their mother’s side, As they line up for the medical mission, under the piercing daylight, In the heat of a summer noon, under the moving leaves of trees, barely protecting the skinny mother waiting for a free check up.

A slice of life at CMCC, saddles you for a wonderful ride for a time. Then before you realize it, You’re already prancing in the raw. It’s like getting thrown into a swarm of patients --- then you emerge victorious after  hours of treatment and caring.


Oh, sure, there will be triumph after much ordeal. Yet life still beacons us to move on.

Still one should pray to God for guidance and success.

At CMCC, students and graduates are taught not to be discouraged, but to continue the journey and meet the challenges of life.



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